Prints are numbered, limited editions of a piece of art. Prints are a great way to own a beautiful piece of Troy’s artwork.  Owners of a print appreciate its quality and understand the artistic value of being the owner of one of Troy’s prints.  Prints allow one an affordable means to collect multiple pieces of Troy’s work. All prints are numbered and signed by Troy.


Evening Light

Windows II



Dawning Day

Shepherd's Shepherd

The Promise


Living Waters

At Peace

At the Stream

Two By Two

Two By Two (blue)

Two By Two (black & white)

The Greatest Gift

Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart (black & white)

Fiery Furnace I

Fiery Furnace II

Fiery Furnace (black & white)

Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids (purple)

Kingdom Kids (black & white)

Naming the Animals

Parting the Waters

The Great Fish

Superior Waters

Wood Duck Sunset


Deep Sea Fishin'

Nature Returns

Joyous Serenity

Hill Country Sunset

Autumn River

Evening Sails

Lone Wolf


Starry Night

Wild Lilies

Windows I